As early as 400BC, cacao trees were known to the inhabitants of South and Central America. Eventually the Mayans and Aztecs discovered that the cocoa beans produced by these trees could be ground into a thin paste and sweetened to produce chocolate.

Today, chocolate is a favourite indulgence of many societies, and thousands of chocolate products are available to modern western consumers. However, as we move into the new millennium, people all over the world are becoming more discerning in their food choices. Enhanced consumer awareness and knowledge has placed an increased importance on the quality of food.

Food choices are also influenced by allergies and intolerance to certain foods and substances, for example gluten and lactose. Some people restrict or eliminate animal products from their diets, for health or other reasons. These factors mean that many people cannot enjoy chocolate in it’s traditional dairy-based form.

Since its inception, Constant Craving Chocolates has been using the finest quality ingredients to produce delicious and ethical chocolates which are completely free of animal products. The lactose, cholesterol, gluten and saturated fats found in most dairy chocolate are not present. This allows almost everyone to indulge in the 'food of the Gods', whether they are lactose-intolerant, vegan/vegetarian, need to follow a gluten-free or low- cholesterol diet, or simply crave the taste sensation of top quality chocolate.

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